Marites Allen of World of Feng Shui Philippines Gives General Forecast

January 12, 2011

posted on Tuesday, January 11, 2011

As 2011 marks the year of the Golden Rabbit, Filipinos born in the year of the Rooster should better be wary of the foreseeable challenges it may bring as such animal sign will be afflicted with what Feng Shui experts call the three unlucky stars.

According to Marites Allen, president and CEO of World of Feng Shui Philippines (WOFS), such ill-fated stars should be placated early on so as to counter the “chaos” it might bring to a Rooster-born person.

“In Feng Shui practice, the three unlucky stars may be countered by displaying and wearing charms and ornaments that ward-off negative energies and transform it into good fortune,” revealed Allen.

Expounding on this, the Feng Shui expert advised the unlucky to display the Natural Disaster Mirror in the west of their living room to control the Natural Disaster Star.

She continued, “Because your luck is not so positive ask for the assistance of your secret friend, thus display a figurine of the dragon in the west of your living room, as well as in your work desk.”

Generally Lucky

But Allen said that generally, the Year of the Rabbit will bring luck to all animal signs, especially those born in the Year of the Ox.

“The Ox has the Star of the Golden Deity as well as the Career Star. Surrounded by two stars of Big Auspicious, the Ox can look forward to a good year with gains in finance and excellent improvements in personal happiness,” she disclosed.

Allen further revealed that while the element of earth is missing in the coming year, everyone must try to put water feature in their homes, specifically in the North West direction.

“Wearing earth colors next year, such as yellow and brown will also bring you great advantage. Black and brown are lucky colors too,” she said.

But there’s actually more to learn about the coming year’s luck. This, according to Allen, is because both lucky and unlucky stars land in all directions of our home. “Also, it’s always best to learn how we would be able to attract positive life energies, or chi.”

To achieve this chi, Allen vows to share more valuable Feng Shui information that one needs to prosper in 2011 through her annual Marites Allen Philippine Feng Shui Updates.

Slated on January 22, 2011 at the Imperial Suites in Quezon City, the convention, to be graced by no less than Allen, with well-known TV personality Boy Abunda as co-host, will reveal both the positive and negative outlook for everyone in the coming year and specific forecast for each animal sign in the areas of wealth, career, romance, health, and other personal aspirations.

But the Feng Shui expert still reminds her followers that charms and amulets won’t just do the trick for a prosperous year—“you still have to do your part, work hard and believe in the fate that awaits you.”

For more information on the 2011 Feng Shui Updates, please call 09209509390 or visit any World of Feng Shui Boutiques. You may also inquire at

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